10 Best Educational Toys For Toddlers

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A lot of recent studies show the relevance and importance of playtime to the amazing development of children. It seems that unconsciously, the society invented a leisure time for kids that not only strengthen their physical attributes and learn to establish relationships, playing also hastens the development of a child’s brain. If you happen to see a Montessori school, the playtime activities they incorporate to their days are strategically chosen to help develop certain types of knowledge and skills crucial for child’s development.

However, early childhood education only covers a little time for a toddler’s day. Most of their time are still spent at home or with their parents. To augment development and schooling, and to make sure that learning skills have a follow through, toy researchers made toys that are capable to become fun and non-living teachers. These ingenious and edgy toys are specifically designed to unconsciously open learning opportunities while kids are just playing. For the little ones, probably they are more concerned or concentrated into the playing part. However, little do they know, if they are immersed enough to the mechanics of how the toy works or how it can be maximized, that is the time that the toy itself transforms into their teacher.

We have some of the best educational toys found in the market today. These toys are not only very child friendly but as adults, we would know from the first look that these toys mean serious business.

1. Alex Jr. My Busy Town Wooden Developmental Toy

The Alex Jr. My Busy Town Wooden Developmental Toy has been built with multiply activities which toddlers can play, enjoy and learn from it. This bright, fun, and large wooden vividly-colored activity cube is made with five sides of hands-on features for tiny fingers to discover. It is composed of beaded curvy maze, peek-a-boo doors, turn and learn alphabet tiles, spin and match animal bodies and racing vehicle rollers.

The manipulative activity cube promotes small motor skills, language progress, dexterity, imagination, visual recognition, coordination and perceptible stimulation.

2. Fisher-Price Little People Fun Sounds Farm

The Fisher-Price Little People Fun Sounds Farm is perfect for introducing animals and animal sounds to toddlers. This educational toy offers an imaginative play from the farm to youngsters.

Undoubtedly, Fisher-Price Little People Fun Sounds Farm teaches toddlers imagination as well as it encourages motor skills, discovery, curiosity, visual stimulation and language development.

3. Janod Magnetic Map

Most of the times, kids learn about the world and the amazing facts that come along with it through map posters or through a little globe their parents bought for them. However, Janod Magnetic Map offers a more exciting way to learn countries and everything in between. Not only that this toy is colorful and safe for toddlers, it is consists of several magnetic pieces that allow kids to learn, play, and build up the world. Each of the magnetic pieces are animals, famous cityscapes, and landmarks that will enable kids to learn more about the amazing facts of the world.

4. Early Learning Centre Magnetic Playcentre

The Early Learning Centre Magnetic Playcentre is basically a portable box-sized classroom. This colorful and multi-functional educational toy is comprised of non-toxic chalk, eraser, magnetic numbers and letters as well as magnetic chalkboard. Providing this learning box to toddlers is a great demonstrative way in introducing them to the realm of words and numbers without feeling bored and cynical.

Moreover, Early Learning Centre Magnetic Playcentre encourages and enhances fine motor skills, language advancement, coordination and visual stimulation.

5. Leap Start Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten Interactive Learning System

For a toddler, the very first day of school is like visiting a dentist for the first time, it is super scary. It gets a lot scarier when kids worry about the tons of things they will be learning for the first time. This is the reason why Leap Start Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten Interactive Learning System is one of the preferred toys to ready toddlers for school. It is a mini library wherein kids can learn basic education through activity books. Some of the lessons that are tackled in this toy are phonics, writing, counting, and critical thinking.

The Leap Start Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten Interactive Learning System is a great way to attain toddlers’ participation and attention. Likewise, it props up critical thinking, visual stimulation, coordination and and language learning.

6. Smartmax Magnetic Discovery

The Smartmax Magnetic Discovery is a magnetic standalone construction kit perfect for toddlers. The magnets of this education toy are designed sturdy enough to bear up to 60 times their weight. Definitely, toddlers can construct endless forms and shapes because limit is not an issue with this one.

Equally, the The Smartmax Magnetic Discovery promotes small motor skills, imagination, creativity, dexterity and critical thinking.

7. Melissa & Doug Soft Plush Rainbow Stacker

A variety of colors embellishes this squashy and safe educational stacking toy. Melissa & Doug Plush Rainbow Stacker encompasses color coded stacking post and five multi textured and diverse hued pieces which have different sounds – rattle, jingle, crinkle and squeak.

The Melissa & Doug Plush Rainbow Stacker set aids toddlers in learning about sequencing. In addition, it upholds their hand and eye coordination, dexterity, imagination and image stimulation.

8. Dr. Doctor Pretend & Play Kit

Every mom knows struggle about the kids’ anxieties during visits to their pediatricians. The Dr. Doctor Pretend & Play Kit is a great way to ease that fretfulness by giving toddlers the opportunity to pretend as doctors thru imaginative role play.

Aside from prepping youngsters for their medical checkups, the role playing that they get from Dr. Doctor Pretend & Play Kit also enhances their fine motor skills, language development, imagination, critical thinking and visual stimulation.

9. Birds Stacking Tower by Glueckskaefer

The Birds Stacking Tower by Glueckskaefer is a wooden stacking puzzle with birds of diverse sizes and colors stacked on each other. This fun and classic puzzle toy is appropriate for toddlers who wants to play on their own.

Additionally, the Birds Stacking Tower encourages small motor skills, balancing, critical thinking, problem solving, hand-eye coordination and visual recognition.

10. Mega Bloks

Mega Bloks are brightly colored building blocks that promote hands on exploration for toddlers. This amazing toy promotes imagination, creative thinking, motor skills, colors and especially shapes.