Things to Consider before Buying Swimming Goggles for Kids

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Swimming lessons should start early. Why? I know that swimming is one of the best pastimes a person can have, especially that most vacations or out-of-town trips have something to do with going to a beach or a tropical island. Obviously, you have to indulge in the water during those occasions to join the fun. Don’t let your child miss for a lifetime the kind of satisfaction everybody feels while swimming.

Benefits of Swimming for Kids

Of course, swimming is not only taught for fun. It can even be a matter of survival in accidents and other water-related dangers. Here are reasons why your child must know how to swim as early as possible:

Swimming is forever.

Once a child knows how to swim in such a young age, that skill and fearlessness in the water is already given for a lifetime. It is difficult to teach swimming to a grownup. That person more likely has fear of the water already, hence the hesitation to learn and missing out on advanced swimming skills. Swimming is beneficial for old people, so don’t let your child miss that in the future.  It helps for a longer and healthier life. It is also one of the safest and low-key exercises for people who are already in their prime age.

Swimming is a subtle workout for children.

We want our kids to be fit while still young so they will gain healthy habits until they grow old. But, some children feel uncomfortable joining sports such as basketball and soccer. It also sounds wrong to force your kid to jog or go to the gym. One of the best ways to solve this dilemma is encourage swimming to your child. This water sport focuses on cardio, upper body strength, weight loss and stronger joints. The best part? It is an ultra-fun sport.

Swimming as a sport teaches time management.

If your child manages to show up as a great swimmer, schools would love to train the young one for athletic competitions. Young athletes should really work on time management. Competitive swimmers require intense training, which means most of their time is in the water. When your child already knows how to balance time for school and sports, then you’re one lucky parent. Time management is a very useful practice for the child’s future adult years.

Swimming improves the child’s social skills.

Swimming alone is an adult thing. For kids, whether they are training or just swimming for fun, it is all about being surrounded by different people. Swimming lessons usually happen in groups. So, this training also teaches the child to mingle with other kids. On the other hand, during vacations in resorts, your child would probably find someone to play with in the pool or the beach.

Swimming saves lives.

Studies suggest that drowning is one of the main causes of death in children. We can never predict accidents, but we can definitely prevent them. That’s why kids must be taught how to swim, so they would learn more advanced skills that can definitely help them in times of trouble.

Why Swimming Goggles Are Important for Kids

Aside from advanced swimming skills, accidents and risks can also be avoided by using goggles. Swimming goggles belong to the most important safety equipment for swimmers. Check out the reasons why children must wear swimming goggles in the pool or the beach:

Avoid Suspicious Areas Underwater

Compared to adults, kids are too small to back away as fast as possible from risky objects or areas found underwater. They can also get carried away that they would just move continuously in the water without being cautious. Goggles can make children see underwater and be aware of where they’re swimming to.

Medical Conditions

Some kids have very sensitive eyes. Their eyes usually become reddish and itchy when they’re swimming in a public pool or a beach. Goggles prevent dirty water from making contact with the kid’s eyes.

Protection from Debris and Chlorine

Public swimming pools usually contain chlorine to eliminate bacteria, which causes skin irritation to swimmers. Unfortunately, chlorine can irritate the eyes. It can make the eyes red, itchy and sore. It can also cause discomfort while swimming. Not only that, pools also have tiny debris floating in the water. These debris can hit the eyes and cause infection. Children must be protected from these risks by making them wear swimming goggles.

How to Pick the Right Swimming Goggles for Your Child

It is clear how important swimming goggles are. But, some kids prefer not wearing them because of discomfort and other reasons. To encourage your child to keep wearing goggles while swimming, here are factors in choosing the perfect pair:


Swimming goggles must exert less pressure around the eyes. If not, they can cause headache. A perfect pair of goggles must be light enough that the child would not even notice wearing it for a while. Discomfort is the main cause of children not wearing goggles in the water.

Aqua Sphere


Pick swimming goggles that are lightweight yet sticks well around the eyes to avoid water gushing through. Strong suction is key to a perfect pair. The gasket must not have any gaps. If the goggles have tight suction yet so-so grip around the straps, it can still work. A tight strap can cause discomfort. Goggles must have an adjustable and durable strap.



Another way to encourage children to wear swimming goggles is buying them a fun and colorful pair. Kids will be so excited wearing adorable goggles in the water to attract attention.

Let them learn without goggles!

Despite all these information about how important swimming goggles are, you also have to teach your child how to swim without using a pair. Just make sure that the water is clean enough for their eyes. Most water-related incidents are unpredictable, so it is ridiculous to bring goggles all the time. Being dependent on goggles can spark fear during unexpected situations in the water.

Final Thoughts

Swimming for a young beginner is a whole new experience. Let the child enjoy the activity through swimming goggles. Aside from safety, clearly seeing everything underwater is a fun way to swim.